The whole idea to create this brand came up during one of ours trips. Summer season was about to end and we needed a bikini and something to wear on the beach. That’s why we decided to create a place where season will last all year long, regardless of actual weather. Today the world is so open, anytime you can pack your bags and travel to place where temperature is above 68 degrees. Our LAGO swimsuits are available all year. We produce them in small local workshops in Poland, paying attention to every finishing detail. We choose only high quality fabrics and we design each piece in a thoughtful way to make you feel comfortable. With our designs, we want to emphasize your uniqueness and femininity. We offer you, Lagogirl more than swimsuits. Check our original summer clothing that you can enjoy not only at the beach but also in the city. During vacation, you have time to relax, catch some vitamin D, see beautiful places where you forget about daily routine. We as LAGO want to be part of your journeys. All of them, this crazy ones ,relaxing time on the beach , next to the pool or during discovery strolls. Sending warmest regards! We invite you to follow us on daily basis !

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